Hobby Gaming

Jay has worked in and about the hobby gaming industry more than half his life, and has been an avid gamer ever since he was old enough to pick up dice. Jay has worked with a number of publishers and has designed games for big name licenses, including Major League Baseball and Star Wars. Click to read more about Jay's game portfolio.

Healthcare Advocacy

Jay has survived a number of serious health complications. He has suffered two heart attacks, a stroke, paralysis, and was in a coma for nearly a month. He has a unique perspective on the importance of patient-centered care and healthcare improvements to ensure everyone receives the best care possible. Click to read more about Jay's amazing story.

Pet Projects

Jay is always balancing a number of different projects at once. He is constantly tinkering with new board games and roleplaying games, as well as various fiction and non-fiction projects. Jay works on these personal projects and ideas whenever the inspiration strikes. Click here to read more about Jay's different projects.