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Jay & Game Design

Jay3With more than 50 published titles, Jay Little has designed a broad range of board games, card games and roleplaying games. Closing in on a million copies sold worldwide, Jay’s games and their expansions┬áhave been translated into seven languages. He has had the opportunity to work on a variety of popular licenses, including Warhammer, Major League Baseball, and Star Wars. Jay has been invited to share his insights in game design and development on a university advisory board and as an industry expert at workshops, seminars, and conventions.

He enjoys discussing the basic principles of game design and how they can be applied to a variety of fields. In addition to basic game design, Jay also talks on a variety of hobby gaming related topics, such as ideation, game theory, the social contracts of gaming, the gacha principle, and others.

Jay’s Game Design Credits & Awards

Jay & Patient Advocacy in Healthcare

Jay has survived a variety of serious health emergencies, including an LAD Occlusion (the widowmaker), paralysis, sepsis, muscular atrophy, severe neuropathy, and an unbelievable amount of time in profound hypoxia. After regaining the use of his limbs, Jay had to re-learn how to feed himself, write, walk, and perform other basic tasks people tend to take for granted.

His remarkable recovery is a testament to the amazing team of medical experts and the advanced medical technology available during his treatment. Unfortunately, not all patients have access to the same resources available to Jay ┬áduring his hospitalization and subsequent convalescence — and fewer have a spouse as well versed in the healthcare system as Jay’s wife.

Jay’s Patient Story & Healthcare