Industry & Academic Endorsements

Jay is always eager to share his passion for and experience about the hobby gaming industry with others. He attends a number of conventions every year and appears on dozens of podcasts. If you are interested in featuring Jay on a podcast or if you’d like to invite Jay to appear at a convention or other event, please email him.

Jay has decades of experience in the hobby gaming industry and has taught classes on board game production and game design for years. Here is just some of the feedback provided by former students, presentation attendees, and event coordinators kind enough to share their thoughts about Jay Little’s experiences in the industry.


“Jay Little is a veteran designer of every kind of tabletop game. Key to his success are a keen interest in both the practice and philosophy of game design, and a willingness to explore and innovate. His broad knowledge and good nature will make him an excellent instructor and mentor in any program of game design study.”

Jeff Tidball Award-Winning Game Designer, Creative Executive & Writer

“I’ve had the pleasure of joining Jay’s class several times as a guest, and each time I’m amazed by how he’s able to bridge the gap between a distant person on Skype and dozens of students. He is one of the best moderators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I can see how that skill extends to the way he works with people in variety of ways.”

Jamey Stegmaier, Game Designer, President, Stonemaier Games

“Jay has a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share it. Whether with his students, designers at a convention, or listeners on a podcast, Jay is always eager to help people make their best possible game.”
JT Smith, owner on-demand publishing

“Jay is an amazing designer. I have met few who were as capable of describing their process clearly to others, and fewer who were as willing to share it. He has worked on some of the most influential titles in the hobby gaming market, influence that is being seen in subtle ways through the other titles entering the market even now.”

N. Scheidler, Director of Sales, Gigamic Games

“Jay Little is the most honest example of an industry professional who excels in representing himself as an incredibly talented game designer while also sharing his skills, knowledge, and work ethic with the students he instructs. With great effectiveness, Jay consistently motivated and pushed myself and numerous other students to become the best designers we could possibly be.”

T. Klimek, student, Video Game Design
University of Wisconsin-Stout

“Jay Little was the most knowledgeable instructor in the games industry that I have had the pleasure to meet during my time at the University of Wisconsin Stout.  I took his Board Game Design class during the winter semester which met eight hours a day for three weeks.  The way he structured the class was the perfect mix of lecture, research, and industry interviews.  I learned more game design from him than anyone else at UW Stout.”

S. Gordon, student, Board Game Production
University of Wisconsin-Stout

“Jay is an experienced professional educator and game designer. I am continually impressed by how he reaches out for teaching opportunities in his professional life by lecturing at conventions and colleges and I am delighted to teach with him.”

Dr. U. Husted, Professor of Comics and Sequential Art
University of Wisconsin-Stout