Personal Projects

At any one time, Jay is working on up to a dozen different projects, jumping from one to the other as inspiration strikes. There are always more ideas than time to pursue them… but some projects are near and dear to him. Keep an eye out for more information about these projects as time goes on.

Patient Zero >> A Co-op Survival Horror Game

Patient Zero is a cooperative boardgame for two to four players set in a world that has recently been ravaged by a man-made pathogen, the deadly Z-B13 virus. Patient Zero is playable in 45-60 minutes.

Millions of people from around the world were killed as the Z-B13 epidemic spread like wildfire. Within weeks, however, those who had been killed by the virus began returning to life. These living dead victims of Z-B13 are known as The Infected. In addition to the Infected, thousands of survivors banded together, seizing the opportunity granted by the societal chaos created by the virus. A number of powerful, violent gangs have surfaced, raiding cities and terrorizing everyone in their path as they scour the country for supplies.

The players travel from city to city, exploring various locations as they look for resources needed for survival as well as clues as to Patient Zero’s whereabouts. Once the players have gained enough clues, they can attempt to confront Patient Zero and put an end to his mad plans. Armed with enough information, and a little luck, the players may be able to not only stop Patient Zero from spreading the epidemic further, but may be able to stop the epidemic altogether, or even find a cure to heal the Infected!

Call of the Wolf >> A Novella

Call of the Wolf is a write-through alternate version of Jack London’s classic novella Call of the Wild. While Call of the Wild is set in the late 1800s during the Klondike Gold Rush, this novella is taking the write-through concept used in works like Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and Sense, Sensibility and Sea Serpents, and tweaking the formula to introduce a stronger fantasy element.

Rather than follow the adventures of a sled dog named Buck, Call of the Wolf follows the story of Mordant, a cursed dire wolf. Mordant must contend with the crown regent’s men invading his domain in search of an extremely rare ore used in the forging of enchanted weapons. It is set in a Norse-inspired fantasy world inhabited by sellswords, harpies, dragons, giants, and other potential dangers.

Tall Tales Roleplaying >> Spinning Yarns in the American Frontier

In Tall Tales, ye’ll get the chance to experience life as a folk hero in the rough an’ tumble times o’ the American Frontier. Ye’ll cross paths with all sorta’ folk, flora, an’ fauna. Ye’ll learn all ‘bout the folk heroes o’ the frontier, an’ create yer own folk heroes who’ll spin their own yarns an’ grow their own legends. Then go an’ explore the frontier, face its dangers, tame its wilds, an’ the like. As yer tall tale gets told an’ yer renown grows, yer folk hero’s abilities grow too,  jest like they do when one folk tells another.

Mayhap ye’ll work alongside the righteous Frontier Five, keepin’ the frontier safe from threats known an’ unknown. Mayhap ye’ll run into Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Commodore of Crime hisself, an’ his crew of colorful criminals. Or mayhap ye’ll find yerself wrasslin’ gollywhoppers an’ chasin’ jackalopes. Rest assured, no matter what, life is always interestin’ an’ a might unpredictable out in the frontier. Especially fer folk heroes like you. After all, them commonfolk need their heroes to inspire ‘em, encourage ‘em, an’ protect ’em.

The Coriolis Defect RPG >> Time Travel with a Twist

The Coriolis Defect is a roleplaying game of “re-history in the making.” A genetic anomaly, dubbed the Coriolis Defect, has evolved in mankind. This anomaly may remain dormant for years, or forever. But in some rare cases, it can be used to rewind history, allowing the person with the defect to essentially travel back in time in short bursts. The concept is analogous to the phenomena of lucid dreaming and how people can actively control and direct their dream consciousness — with practice.

While there are many mysteries surrounding these phenomena, prominent theoretical physicists, geneticists, and neurologists have proposed several models on how this is possible. One of the most popular theoretic models attempts to define the Coriolis Defect’s ability into laymen’s terms asserts that the genetic anomaly prevents the brain from making the distinction between this reality and all the other possible realities.

The Coriolis Defect is a mental faculty that can be exercised and practiced. Theoretically, with enough discipline and practice, a person with the Coriolis Defect would be able to control and direct their actions, even allowing them to rewind or “loop” to a specific moment in their memory and pursue an alternate outcome from that point.